Replace joystick on Nintendo Switch Lite

How I wrote in the last post about Nintendo Switch, this device was cheap because the left joystick was broken and the owner didn’t know how to fix or maybe didn’t want to pay the fix. Anyway, fixing it is super easy.

First, we need to have some tools how a tri-wing screwdriver and a star screwdriver. Both need to be of small size. If we don’t have it maybe it may be better to buy a kit of joysticks and tools, it’s not too much expensive, only a few euros more and this include the tools to open the case plastic and not to broken it.

I didn’t need to buy any tool so the link is a search on AliExpress, however the joysticks are the same that I bought, and I think they are original.

For opening the Nintendo Switch Lite we need to take out 2 screws on the top, 2 screws on the bottom and also 4 screws on the back. After that we need to use the plastic tools to separate the front and back case, you can use the holes of the speakers to put the tools, take your time and try to do it as much well as you can, if you do fast and incorrectly you can damage the plastic case.

When you have the video console open, you can take off the rest of the screws. In my case I needed to replace the left joystick which is easy to disassemble than the right one. You should take care with the flexible cables because they are fragile and one of them is in the middle and annoy us for putting and closing the back case.

I don’t have more pictures, anyway you can get more information on YouTube, for example:

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