Assembling LED light spinner

If you’re interested in learning how to solder electronics boards, I recommend you buy some kit on internet. You can find a lot of different kits and they’re cheap. I think it’s a good way for learning without breaking anything.

Some examples of this can be a Christmas tree, a clock, a robot, etc. I decided to buy a LED light spinner because I had never had one and I wanted it.

This kit include everything you need except the button batteries, so you need will need three CR1620:

I don’t know which model of microcontroller includes de kit, but it’s controlled with the switch button. When you press the switch the lights turn on and off, so I guess the chip is working with interruptions. About the light effects, these change automatically after some seconds because this kit doesn’t include any sensor to know when you are spinning the device.

The kit includes as well a link of the product where you can see on YouTube the steps to make it and some advices to solder it well.

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