Game Boy Color USB-C Charging Kit PRO: Cutting Tool

It has been a while since last post on my website, almost a year! A busy married life. Anyway, the new USB-C Charging Kit PRO for Game Boy Color is almost completed after having many “out of stock” problems with the components I wanted to use. I just hope between I receive the test board, solder it and order a batch in the manufacturer… they still have the components I need. I will write more details about it in the corresponding post.

During this year selling the charging boards for GBP and GBC some people asked me about any tool or advice to make a perfect hole in the plastics shell for the USB-C connector. Making this is a bit hard, you need good tools and also a knowledge about cutting plastic. When I made it the first time it was not bad at all, however it was far away to be perfect, many people had the same result or worse with a big big hole.


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